‘Fish Tank Friday’ on a Saturday

Ok, so I’m running a bit late… you’ll get used to that. 🙂

Last week I made an order with LiveFish.com.au for some aquatic plants and some algae eating shrimp.
They were packed into a little foam box in Bundaberg, QLD., on Wednesday afternoon, and by Thursday lunchtime they’d flown via Sydney to Armidale, NSW. All the contents were well packed and had survived the trip quite well. I added the livestock to the tank that evening and the plants this morning.

Here is the final product (thus far):

'The Lounge Garden' Aquarium

'The Lounge Garden' Aquarium

Check out the rest of my photographs on my Flickr Set ‘my first order on livefish.com.au’.

This is what I ordered:

5x Hairgrass Pots (Piece Plant)
2x Riccia Bag
2x Glass Shrimp – Algae Eating (pack of 10)
3x Cherry Shrimp
1x Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus) Small (Center)
1x Asst. Bareroot Crypts – Small (Center)



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