I’m Ross…

This is the place where I experiment on the internet…

I’ve run this website on my home server for a number of years, originally on a Pentium III connected to ADSL. It’s been a mac mini server and an OSX virtual machine. Most of it is based around Docker containers now and it’s served over an NBN fibre connection.

My day job is in IT Security with a bit of blog administration on the side. I’m very interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain technologies. After hours I administer an e-commerce site selling Australian retail gift cards with payment in Bitcoin and various other alt-coins, Bitcoin Gift Cards.

I currently run an electrum server and a Dash P2Pool mining node and have a small coin mine in my basement.

An amateur photographer, a bit of a foodie, a keen pondkeeper and aquarist I’m also founder of NEAPS, the New England Aquarium and Pond Society.

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