Cherry Shrimpery

Cherry Shrimp Breeding Tank

My new Cherry Shrimp Breeding Tank

I’ve recently setup another tank for the purposes of breeding Red Cherry Shrimp.

Here are some slightly blurry photos of my new little cherry shrimp babies.


and a berried, mum to be…


If you don’t like the blurry photos, you could always buy me a new camera for my birthday… 😉

One thought on “Cherry Shrimpery

  1. Ross

    I love just sitting and watching this tank.
    I recently purchased some sinking algae wafers, to make sure the bristlenose’ have enough to eat.
    Just now, I threw a couple in the tank, and three shrimp promptly leapt at one of them and started nibbling away. Then the apple/mystery snails noticed the commotion and a pair of them started cruising towards an algae wafer… as they got closer, I noticed a baby shrimp riding on the back of one of the snails, like a mighty stead heading into battle…
    I wanna move in… 🙂
    & the bristlenose don’t seem to be interested in the algae wafers at all… they just keep cruising, munching on the algae that grows on the tank’s walls and on the flower pots…

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