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If you head South, up Marsh Street, up the hill from Addy’s, ignore the glowing golden arches and look right. Under the red and white bucket, is P.J. Thai  Restaurant. Here I am breaking my own rules, because this place has a website or two already… http://www.pjthairestaurant.com/,  (which has  www.pjthaifood.com in the footer… a site which doesn’t currently seem to exist). They are also on yourRestaurants and FaceBook.

I find it very difficult to peruse their website (parts of the menu are in white text on a white background and several URLs are unlinked) so I present unto you, their take-away menu.

P.J. Thai Restaurant Armidale - Take away menu - October 2010

P.J. Thai Restaurant, Armidale

click the image above or here for the menu

P.J. Thai Restaurant
130 Marsh street,Armidale,
Phone/Fax: (02) 6772 2862
(Corkage Charge: $ 2.00 per person)

Authentic Thai Cuisine by Thai Chef
Thai food no MSG added,
fresh ingredients, natural
herbs, 100% Cholesterol-free
oil used. Gluten-free
choices can be provided as

Open 7 nights
5:00 P.M. till late

All prices include GST
10% surcharge on public holidays.

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    yo man wat a blast to spot you have done this!!!! It makes me so proud to be a nerd or perfectionist as this was starting to piss me off and then…. keep up the good work!

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