‘Evolving Rhythms’ piano busker

'Evolving Rhythms' piano busker

‘Evolving Rhythms’ piano busker
@ Channon Craft Market

One thought on “‘Evolving Rhythms’ piano busker

  1. Milly

    Thank you so much for your CD of your beautiful piano playing. It has helped me to deal with stress & trauma, it has nurtured me, & allowed healing to occur. I have played it for weeks in my car while driving & has helped my brain, and especially my heart, heal & break through.

    I am very grateful to have been at the Channon markets that day, hearing you play & not hessitating, purchasing something incredible, in your music. It is always so amazing that, what you need for your soul appears, Just at the right time in life, it is always out there, just gotta follow your instincts.

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