cgminer on OSX

DiabloMiner doesn’t seem to support the stratum protocol yet so I decided to give cgminer a try.

This is what worked for me on Mountain Lion 10.8.3:

  • Install Xcode by Apple
  • Install Xcode Command Line Tools:
    Run Xcode and go to Preferences -> Downloads -> Components -> Command Line Tools … and click “Install”.
  • Install MacPorts
  • in a terminal:

sudo port selfupdate

sudo port install autoconf automake binutils boost bzip2 curl curl-ca-bundle db48 flex gdbm gettext glib2 gnutls gperf help2man icu jansson jpeg kerberos5 libffi libgcrypt libgpg-error libiconv libidn libpng libtasn1 libusb lzo2 m4 miniupnpc ncurses openssl ossp-uuid p5-locale-gettext perl5 pkgconfig pv qrencode readline texinfo xz yasm zlib

git clone

Download the latest .tar.bz2 fom and extract the contents

cd cgminer


./configure CFLAGS=”-O3″



There are many other configuration options available, have a look at the cgminer README file for more information.

I havent figured out how to get the ADL SDK working on OSX, so GPU monitoring is disabled.

I’m getting ~57MH/s on the Radeon HD 6630M in my Mid 2011 Mac mini using the diablo kernel with a worksize of 64 and dynamic intensity.

Thanks to adam, dan, phraust & ckolivas

Donations to rmwb’s asic fund:   164p2zdt1ksASsMufRtwp8cF3M2G6pfXic

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