The Plan

I’d really like to start blogging regularly and I’ve thought of a plan to help me do it.

I’m going to map out the week with a set of topics, so I don’t have to think too much about what I’m going to write (or photograph or scan or video or whatever…).

Here’s the plan:

  • Summary Sunday
    I’ll keep the automated twitter summary on Sundays. That way I can have a rest and let WordPress take care of itself.
  • Menu Monday
    Nearly none of the takeaway restaurants in Armidale have their menu available online. I’d like to scan their printed menus and post one on my blog each Monday. That way, if anyone else is looking online for something to eat in Armidale other than Pizza, they might have a bit more luck. (I wonder about the copyright implications… will I get sued? Post in the comments if you’re a lawyer. I’m actually giving them free online marketing, so I hope nobody will complain.)
  • Cheeseday Tuesday
    I’ve been to a couple of cheese-making workshops recently and I have all the requirements and training for making Camembert, Cheddar, Feta, Haloumi, Mascarpone, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ploughman’s, Quarg, Ricotta and more…
  • Wacky Wednesday
    Jokes and silly stuff.
  • Dharma Thursday
    Buddhist related news, views, videos and more
  • Fish Tank Friday
    Various tech sites seem to have a Fish Tank Friday. I can either leech ideas from them or post stuff about my own aquaria.
  • Sloth Saturday
    I may or may not post on Saturdays. We’ll see how I feel… If I’m not too lazy it will be open to general miscellany.

Wish me luck… 🙂

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