Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • "Disturbing New Research Shows Women Die Younger from Sitting Too Much at Work" #
  • RT @TENPARINPOCHE: eight worldly dharmas: gain and loss, fame and ill-repute, praise and blame, pleasure and pain #
  • I've just updated my home network to dual-band 802.11n #
  • Sorry bloggers. They've locked me out of the server and there is currently no working dev env so all theme/plugin changes are on hold indef #
  • it would appear that I am now a certified SEO, thanks to @BruceClayInc#
  • "DeviantArt’s Muro Drawing App Is Pure HTML5 Awesomeness" #
  • It is not enough to rely on mgmt’s idea of a well-designed service process unless it can be materialised in good customer perceived quality. #
  • YAY! my eyetv netstream DTT is here… still no drobo though, maybe tomorrow. & who knows when optus will get around to sending my iPhone 4. #
  • "5 iPhone apps for the Buddhist" #
  • "I want to go someplace where I can marvel at something" — Eat, Pray, Love. #
  • you say 'it's a disaster'… I say 'it's a minor inconvenience that would not have occurred with a bit more planning and forethought'… #
  • RT @JeanetteJoy: If it's not boroque, don't fix it. ~Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast #
  • nmap helped me realise my lazy firewall rules meant I was sharing everything with my ISP's datacenter as we share same private address space #

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