Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • Check this video out — Thirsty Dog (mastiff drinks from the fridge!) #
  • I can't imagine NCIS would really use Ojo Videophones as they route every call through a 3rd party site whereas H.323 which is P2P #
  • -which 🙂 #
  • "5 Must Have Plugins For Safari" #
  • "What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory" #
  • "Australian Meditation Conference | Saturday 31 July, 2010 | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia" #
  • "SEO Trademark Registration Terminated" #
  • "Google China Shutdown Almost Certain" #
  • yum… "Roast Chicken with 40 Garlic Cloves recipe @Not Quite Nigella" #
  • What time is the festivus parade? #
  • The Armidale Autumn Festival Parade #
  • Is it possible to be a compassionate misanthrope? #
  • dodgy YouTube claims the iMovie/iLife sound effects I'm using are copyrighted material… 'Sonic Senses' Water Garden = 'Ocean Surf.caf'??? #
  • wow… a wattle bird in the laundry just now nearly gave me a heart attack… #
  • just hooked my RSS feed into FaceBook Notes and got numerous views and comments… how can I get those viewers to come to my blog? #
  • can anyone explain to me why Americans would not want Health Care? #

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