1000-Armed Chenrezig

1000-Armed Chenrezig

1000-Armed Chenrezig (Avalokiteśvara) Thangka

Weekend before last I was in Brisbane and visited the Festival of Tibet at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

One of the highlights was the Mystical Tibet Concert featuring the Tashi Lhunpo Monks, Tenzin Choegyal and Camerata of St John’s.

The photo above is of a Thangka that was up in the Powerhouse depicting 1000-Armed Chenrezig (Avalokiteśvara in Sanskrit).

Feb 14th 2010 is Losar (AKA Tibetan New Year, Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year) and in the days leading up to Losar I intend to post some more Buddhist imagery from the Festival of Tibet and some Sand Mandalas that I have photographed in Sydney, Byron Bay and Brisbane over the last few months.

Stay tuned…

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