A week at UNE

I spent the first three days of this week as acting manager of the UNElink Video Conferencing Studio while Hans Schaefer was in Brisbane chairing a meeting with AARNET on desktop video communications .

UNElink Video Conferencing Manager's Office

This mostly involved taking bookings and liaising with other Video Conferencing venues around the world to facilitate the process for the end users. There is also some support required for the many users who have Tandberg desktop or portable video conferencing (VCF) units in their offices as well as the regular lectures delivered jointly by the University of Newcastle and the University of New England  as part of the Rural Medicine/Joint Medical Program (JMP).

UNElink Studio 1

UNElink Studio 1

The University of New England (UNE) currently has top quality, world-class video conferencing facilities, as it is much more economical to spend money on VCF than it is to fly people around the world from our little town in the middle of New South Wales, Australia.

Have you ever been involved in a video conference?

You can connect to the little Tandberg 150 MXP on the desk in my office by dialing if you want to chat.

The last couple of days this week involved catching up on the web and CMS support tasks that are my usual bread and butter job at UNE as Web Editor, as well as starting off my first project management task, looking into creating an Access Grid room at UNE.

Have you ever used Access Grid for group-to-group interaction and collaboration?

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