Cold Brewing with Style

From Cold Drip Coffee Maker on The Coffee Snob:

Cold Drip Coffee Maker

Cold Drip Coffee Maker

The Coffee Snob Cold Drip Coffee Maker produces an exquisite coffee concentrate using an exclusive cold drip method to extract only the best parts of the coffee bean.

The harsh acids and oils that make for bitter-tasting coffee and that are hard on the stomach are left behind because they are not extracted during the cold brew process. This results in a smoother, better tasting coffee that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Our Cold Drip Coffee Maker is also a beautiful addition to your kitchen or office. Standing 2 feet tall, it’s a unique conversation piece. You can choose between a black or brown wooden frame and gold or chrome accents to match your decor.

  • The How To Use page describes how to make a great pot of coffee concentrate using the Cold Drip Coffee Maker.
  • Click on Enjoying Cold Drip Coffee for suggestions on enjoying coffee brewed using the cold drip method.

Many coffee shops in the United States are beginning to offer cold brewed coffee and now you can brew your own with style using the Coffee Snob Cold Drip Coffee Maker and your favorite coffee.

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