Ross M. W. Bennetts


August 28th, 2011
  • I unlocked the Let's Get Out of Here sticker on @GetGlue! #
  • Rest In Peace, Precious One… Om mani peme hum… (@ New England Veterinary Centres) #
  • Everything is open, empty & naked like the sky. Luminous emptiness, without center or circumference; the pure, naked Rigpa dawns… #
  • I don't want to be here… but I don't know where I do want to be… is this what it feels like to be free? #
  • I unlocked the Weeds Fan sticker on @GetGlue! @SHO_Weeds #
  • Just spotted Caesar Salad @ Rene on the Mews on @foodspotting #
  • my dog died this week… my Dad says "it's a blessing in disguise" & my Mum says "get over it"… I think I want to disown my family… #
  • though they'll always live apart, they'll still stand a little taller and shine a little brighter because they shared an adventure together #
  • I am watching Arthur @GetGlue #Arthur #
  • Just spotted Vegetarian Wrap @ Bean @ Bello Cafe & Bar on @foodspotting #
  • Just spotted Warm Mudcake Sundae @ Baskin Robbins on @foodspotting #
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